Administrative Code will be amended in the interests of business

The state belongs to the ruling class

Deputy Minister of Justice Denis Novak assured the office of the business ombudsman Boris Titov that the new edition of the Administrative Code will take into account comments and suggestions received from the business community.

"Stop bullying the business!"
«Stop bullying the business!»

Earlier, Boris Titov sent Prime Minister Mishustin a letter with criticism of the amendments to the Administrative Code proposed by the Ministry of Justice, that allegedly infringe on the interests of medium and small business. Objects of administrative offenses may be property, public health and public morality, public order and the environment. The new amendments suggested, for example, a significant increase in the responsibility of entrepreneurs for violating sanitary and epidemiological requirements for the conditions of accommodation, upbringing, education, recreation and health of children, as well as child care and supervision. The business community considered such measures to have no economic justification, which was reported through their representative, Boris Titov.

And now, according to Novak, “the working group to finalize the draft Code of Administrative Offenses includes representatives of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russia”, and the opinion of the business is likely to be heard.

Workers have no such influence on the bourgeois authorities, and there is no one to defend their interests at such a level: it is not the first time when the Administrative Code gets edited in the interests of the capitalists. This time, with permission of the Ministry of Justice, the punishments for violations committed by catering enterprises that serve workers have been mitigated. Banks are allowed to apply tough measures to debtors — workers driven into credit bondage. Thus, we again find confirmation that the state belongs to the ruling class and acts in its interests.