Anti-extremism center and police came to anti-fascist football tournament

Anti-fascists are enemies of modern Russia?

The police and the Center for Combating Extremism representatives tried to rewrite the passport data of anti-fascists during the futsal tournament in the Izmailovo district of Moscow. The law enforcers tried to conduct a survey of the audience and blocked the exits from the football arena, Marina Litvinovich, a member of the capital’s public monitoring commission, told Novaya Gazeta.

The futsal tournament
The futsal tournament

About a hundred people took part in the tournament.

They tried to point out to the police officers that there were no legal grounds for the document check. After that, law enforcement officers let the players continue the game and opened the exits to the street, however, they remained to observe the situation.

Another competition of Moscow anti-fascists — the martial arts tournament in November 2019 — was interrupted by police. About 50 people were detained and taken to police stations to be questioned about the protest rallies that had been held last summer. Similar checks were repeated with an enviable frequency at anti-fascist football tournaments in March 2018 and in November 2017.

Is an antifascist the enemy of the modern Russian state? Despite the eclectic views of those who call themselves Antifa in Russia, in general they are representatives of the left political flank. Without sharing consistent political theories, anti-fascists oppose right-wing and ultra-right-wing regimes, organizations, leaders and individual activists.

Even the non-violent actions of anti-fascists, for example, on the Internet, are of interest from the special services working to maintain right-wing regimes. So, in Ukraine, anti-fascists are prosecuted for leftist dissent. Recent actions of the Russian police force us to think that the essence of the right regimes is the same. Probably, the Antifa movement is waiting for a much more difficult time.