Businessman stole money from the defense budget

A criminal case was instituted

The Investigative Committee of Russia opened a criminal case under article 159 “Fraud” on the fact of embezzlement of funds from the defense budget. The charge was brought against the general director of the Stroy Group construction company Pavel Babaev and his adviser Konstantin Loboda, who are charged with embezzlement of three billion rubles. The funds were stolen from 2015 to 2019. The stolen money was withdrawn abroad with the help of one-day firms.

The funds embezzlement
The funds embezzlement

This is not the first case of stealing funds allocated for defense needs. However, in all cases, the culprits get very light punishments: often they are sentenced just for several years in prison and usually get out early on parole. Obviously, with such a “humane” punishment, the prize is worth the game: after serving a few years (in the worst case), the thief receives huge funds.

Some politicians say that the main trouble of Russia is corruption and theft, that once we get rid of it the situation will improve. Of course, if the theft and corruption were eradicated life of simple people would get better as the stolen money would finally go to the state needs. However, theft and corruption are not something special, characteristic only for Russia. These phenomena exist in all capitalist countries, and tougher penalties for these acts do not greatly help solve the problem.

Thus, in Russia there will be theft and corruption as long as there is capitalism. To eradicate corruption and theft, it is necessary to eliminate capitalism. Then life of working people, who are the vast majority of the country population, will improve.