Children’s Medical Center will spend a million rubles on the iconostasis

Professional healthcare can wait

Scientific and Practical Center of specialized medical care for children named after Vojno-Yasenetsky spent 1 million rubles to purchase the iconostasis for the temple located on the first floor of the medical center building. This was reported by Open Media with reference to the official website of state contracts and purchases.

The iconostasis plan
The iconostasis plan

According to the work statement, the contractor is required to make an iconostasis 5.17 m wide and 2.63 m high, as well as icons and the royal gates (the central part of the iconostasis), measuring 1.01 by 2 m.

The initial auction price is 996,000 rubles. According to the medical center employee who is responsible for its implementation, it is planned to pay for these works with donations and profits from entrepreneurial activities. They do not plan to attract budget funds.

The refusal to use budget funds for such purchases can serve as a calming factor for citizens. After all, any organization is free to spend the money earned on any of its needs. In addition, donating to the construction of temples is now considered good tone.

But, on the other hand, we see that, no matter what means are spent in this situation, they do not go to the main goal for which Voyno-Yasenetsky Children’s Medical Center was created, namely, medical care for children. They are spent on the expansion and development of the Russian Orthodox Church; each new church and iconostasis is another step towards increasing its income and influence, which leads to further fooling of the nation. We have already talked about whom this can be beneficial for and why.

The Russian healthcare system is going through extremely difficult times. There is a catastrophic lack of doctors who are massively quitting due to sometimes inhuman working conditions. In a huge number of hospitals and clinics there is not even water supply and heating. Russians are forced to spend more and more money on medical treatment, since there is no longer any hope for social guarantees from the state.

And with all that being said, the funds received from the commercialization of medicine do little to improve the situation in the industry. As we can see from the example described above, this money often settles in the pockets of oligarchs, to whom the Russian Orthodox Church can be easily attributed.

Such is the essence of the country’s capitalist system: only that area of life will be developed that brings immediate benefits and income to the ruling class. That is why the number of temples in our country is increasing, and hospitals and schools are becoming smaller every day.

It is possible to turn the tide only by a radical change of priorities from profit for a narrow group of people to the harmonious development of society as a whole. Under capitalism, such a turn is not possible.