Communists from 67 countries make a political statement

At the forefront of the struggle

The Communist Parties of the world signed a joint appeal to the public, stating their position on the events related to the coronavirus pandemic. The Russian Communist Workers Party signed this appeal, too.

The Greek Communist Party
The Greek Communist Party

The initiator of the statement was the Communist Party of Greece, which is one of the most powerful left organizations in the world. We have already talked about the decisive actions of the Greek Communists this week.

The text of the appeal reveals the antisocial and parasitic nature of capitalism, which has been demonstrated to the whole world by the situation with the spread of the disease.

«The dangers of the CoVID-19 pandemic demonstrate the tragic and profound health system deficiencies in all capitalist countries that were known before the advent of coronavirus. These flaws did not arise by chance; they are the result of anti-people’s policies pursued by large-capital governments to commercialize and privatize the healthcare system, and to support the profitability of monopolistic associations. This policy negates the enormous scientific and technical potential available today to cover all the people’s needs for disease prevention and medical care», the statement said.

Also, communists from 67 parties from all over the world presented a number of demands on the governments of their countries. It is naive to believe that the bourgeois authorities will rush to fulfill them, but by their inaction they will even more strongly demonstrate the destructive nature of the current prevailing relations in society.

The list of the demands includes:

  • Immediate free issuance by the state of all necessary means of prevention and protection (masks, gloves, antiseptics, etc.) and struggle against speculation.
  • Immediate provision of protective measures for all medical personnel who risk their lives and health by fighting coronavirus in hospitals.
  • Protecting the income and rights of workers. Stopping the arbitrariness of capital, which, under the pretext of the CoVID-19 epidemic, is carrying out mass layoffs and is trying to violate the rights to wages, working hours, vacation time and other rights of workers. Taking immediate measures to protect workers in the workplace.