Cossack chieftain and bishop will enter Public Chamber of Russia

Everyday life of the “secular” state

President of Russia Vladimir Putin approved the ataman of the All-Russian Cossack Society Nikolay Doluda and the commanding bishop of the Russian Union of Evangelical Faith Christians Sergei Ryakhovsky as members of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation.

"Religion is the opium of the people"
«Religion is the opium of the people»

Earlier, the president determined the candidatures of forty Russian citizens who have special merits to the state and society. After that, they were invited to join the Public Chamber. The functions of this state body include harmonizing the interests of citizens, public associations, state authorities and local self-governments to address the most important issues of economic and social development, ensuring national security, as well as protecting the rights and freedoms of citizens.

A more direct hint from the authorities could not have been expected. It is as if they said to us that without special people — bishops and Cossacks — it is impossible to ensure the socio-economic development of our society. Thus, the authorities take another step towards the society clericalization, which is designed to turn off the growing class consciousness and comfort people in order to continue robbing them with impunity.