Deputy Minister of Health claimed lack of managers in medicine

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Tatyana Yakovleva, Deputy Minister of Health of Russia, believes that Russian medicine lacks managerial personnel. The official made such a statement at the competition «Leaders of Russia».

Татьяна Яковлева - замминистра здравоохранения
Tatyana Yakovleva

“We need managers — professionals, leaders in healthcare, who can contact, persuade and most importantly — lead, take responsibility for the result,” she said.

Yakovleva expressed the hope that some competition participants will be among health care system managers, in order to implement the national project that includes Russia’s entry into world leaders list in life expectancy, providing citizens with affordable medical care and other achievements. 1.7 trillion rubles will be allocated from the country’s budget for the implementation of these good intentions by 2024. Of course, to master these funds without proper management is simply unthinkable, it is difficult to disagree with the deputy minister.

The shortage of doctors is disastrous
The shortage of doctors is disastrous

But as soon as we move from assembly halls to hospital corridors, we will find a completely different deficit there: a shortage of doctors and medical workers. A catastrophic personnel failure in medicine is growing year by year. Ministers, while hiding behind «optimization» plans, presidential instructions and national projects, brought domestic health care to its knees: entire departments get closed in hospitals, not a single specialist is left in some towns, doctors are constantly faced with non-payments and delays in salaries. Health workers are placed in a position where they do not feel socially protected, and they do not feel that their work is valuable and respected. Good specialists leave public hospitals and clinics, this creates staff «gap», and there is simply no one left to treat patients.

And in this situation, the deputy minister is concerned about the lack of managers. Apparently, the current administrative personnel are not destroying free medicine effectively enough. The help of new “effective managers” is needed to quickly finish it off and transfer it to fully paid rails.