Duma Deputies did not prohibit officials to have real estate abroad

The ruling class is strengthening its position

The State Duma deputies did not add any prohibitions for officials to own property abroad in the draft amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation. It is reported by LENTA.RU.

The Deputies chose not to put any new limitations for officials
The Deputies chose not to put any new limitations for officials

As Pavel Krasheninnikov, co-chair of the working group on amending the Constitution, told reporters, these measures can be considered unnecessary. Since many civil servants inherited apartments in the CIS, the adoption of such a ban will force parliamentarians and officials to make a choice between property and office.

Focusing on the inheritance in the territory of the former USSR, the deputy does not mention in any way the numerous property acquired by Russian officials in other parts of Europe, for example, in Bulgaria and Spain. Indeed, the absence of a ban on housing abroad, in fact, will legitimize these “multimillion-dollar gains” of the Russian authorities.

We have repeatedly written that officials in the Russian Federation have turned from «servants of the people» into a privileged group that in every way defends the interests of the oligarchs. For this kind of support, the bureaucrats quite reasonably count on the oligarchs’ gratitude, expressed in the growth of incomes and property. So it is not surprising that the parlamentarians are doing their best to legitimize this state of affairs.

The refusal to introduce the above-mentioned prohibition into the draft constitutional amendments clearly demonstrates whom the Basic Law of the Russian Federation is called to serve. The bourgeoisie in every way adjusts it to their needs — and while it is at the helm, the situation of ordinary workers cannot be improved by any amendments.