During construction of Central Ring Road 138 million rubles were «lost»

Another “budget cut” at another construction site

As follows from the report published by the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation, the loss of the state-owned company Avtodor, which is involved in the construction of the Central Ring Road, amounted to 138 million rubles.

The construction of the Central Ring Road
The construction of the Central Ring Road

From the results of the audit it follows that to clear the area from the trees, the company hired a contractor, who was supposed to transfer all the wood obtained during the felling, to Avtodor. Instead, all the wood was “removed by third parties”, after which Avtodor went to court demanding monetary compensation from the contractor in the amount of 45 million rubles, which is three times less than the actual losses incurred.

In addition, the audit revealed extremely low time rates of road sections construction, as a result of which the deadlines were not met and had to be postponed. Also, many violations were discovered when purchasing goods, services, accounting and monitoring compliance with agreements with investors, which led to losses of 9 billion rubles.

The result of this audit perfectly demonstrates the ins and outs of capitalist relations. Even during the construction of facilities of federal significance, when it is really important to do it quickly and efficiently, company leaders prefer to make money. They do not care about the convenience of people, they do not care about the plans of the government, they care only about themselves. The only thing that really worries the capitalists is how to stuff their pockets with the money of ordinary people.