Employees of Ryazan ambulance intend to organize “Italian strike”

Ryazan ambulance workers announced their intention to organize an “Italian strike” if the authorities do not pay attention to the problems of the city emergency services. This was reported by the portal RZN.INFO with a reference to the trade union of medical workers «Action». The protest of doctors is associated with low earnings and work overload.

The ambulance
The ambulance

A statement of readiness to start the strike was made by about 200 employees of the Ryazan ambulance. They demanded to increase the general financing of the ambulance station and increase the salaries of the average medical staff and drivers to no less than the average salary in the region, which currently amounts to about 33 thousand rubles.

“At the same time, our salaries amount to 11,343 rubles for paramedics for field crews, 10,421 rubles for dispatchers, and 9,725 rubles for drivers. The rest of the salary is compensation and incentive payments, some of which are reduced, and some are simply canceled,” Ryazan medical workers explained.

Ryazan citizens published an open appeal on the union’s website, which they intend to send to Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, Minister of Health Mikhail Murashko, Governor of Ryazan Region Nikolai Lyubimov, head of the regional Ministry of Health Andrei Prilutsky, and head of the aid station Igor Zadoya.

If the management does not respond to their demands and does not start a “real negotiation process”, on March 31, 2020 the medics will begin the “Italian strike”: they will refuse to work in incomplete teams and take on additional work. Station drivers will not drive out faulty cars and earn extra money on their weekends.

Despite the large number of medical strikes that are occurring all over the country, the situation in the Russian health care system as a whole is not improving. The management is trying to somehow «plug the holes», neutralize another protest campaign with new promises, but there have been no real cases aimed at raising the industry. The current state of Ryazan ambulance is another proof of this.

Such a situation in the healthcare system suggests that the ruling «elite», in fact, do not care about the health of their citizens. It is simply not profitable for the government to spend money on it. In pursuit of profit, the capitalists are unlikely to think about whether the ambulance can even come to a simple worker. In the context of the expanding epidemic of coronavirus, such a consumer attitude of the authorities towards their people can become especially indicative.

The situation can only be changed by an organized struggle for the people’s rights, in which all working countries, without exception, will show solidarity.

We wish the Ryazan health workers every success in their difficult confrontation.