In Moscow participants in voting on amendments will be given «a million prizes»

The authorities need to increase turnout

On June 25, the Million Prizes program was launched in Moscow to stimulate consumer demand. According to the head of the Department of Trade and Services of Moscow, Alexei Nemeryuk, residents who come to vote on the Constitutional Amendments will be able to participate in the program. Alexey Nemeryuk explained that the program is aimed at supporting the business while it is getting out of the lockdown mode.

In Moscow citizens who come to vote will be given "gifts"
In Moscow citizens who come to vote will be given «gifts»

From June 25 to July 1 in Russia there will be voting on the Constitutional Amendments. For the law to enter into force, two conditions are necessary. The first is approval by the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation and people’s support through voting on the Amendments. The Constitutional Court has already approved the proposed Amendments. Among these amendments are those that will allow the acting President to run for president again for more than two consecutive terms. This and other amendments caused a lot of controversy among the political parties and movements of Russia.

Judging by the active campaigning of the authorities, there is only one goal — to bring as many people to polling stations as possible. To achieve these goals, the ruling regime takes all sorts of reasonable and not very reasonable steps. Two days off are introduced. On June 24, on the eve of the vote, a victory parade will be held, where, without a doubt, they will campaign to participate in the vote. Finally, Putin announced July 1 day off, the final day of the amendment vote.

Tons of advertisements calling to go to vote keep pour from TV screens. Remote voting through a mobile application is being organized. Also, volunteers will come to citizens in «risk group» because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Finally, in a number of regions, the lockdown mode is being lifted, even despite the fact that the situation with the coronavirus spread in Russia is still not declining.

All this clearly shows that the most favorable outcome for the authorities will be voting “FOR” the Amendments. However, campaigning for only one option can greatly reduce the turnout, so additional sources are included, advertising the idea of voting “AGAINST”. The power is calling to the polls, and the opposition is calling to the polls.

In particular, the Communist Party and the «Movement for a New Socialism» with Nikolay Platoshkin oppose these amendments, because this will strengthen the vertical of power and the dictatorship of big business. At the same time, such parties and organizations as ROT FRONT, RKRP, Left Front and others are calling for a boycott of the vote, as the authorities need the appearance of active participation of citizens in this vote.