Krasnoyarsk authorities did not approve of rally against term nullification

Political performance in Russia

The applicants were offered another venue (the organizers agreed to the venue proposed by the authorities), further from the city center. Similar incidents are taking place in other cities, too.

"The term nullification means a coup d'état "
«The term nullification means a coup d’état «

In Novosibirsk, a rally on similar topics was banned (a rally of the Communist Party was allowed, though, as the city Mayor is the First Secretary of the Communist Party regional committee) because the venue is already occupied (By whom? Unknown). In Moscow, because of the coronavirus, all gatherings of more than 50 people were banned. It is noteworthy that the vote on the Amendments scheduled for April 22 has not been canceled!

It is important ot understand that rallies against the amendments are not as dangerous for the authorities as the calls for a boycott. Nevertheless, there is a general aggravation of the situation in the country, and the opposition must be kept under control, even if it is quite loyal. For example, Zyuganov, who in fact supported the current government. Or Platoshkin, who calls to come and vote “against” thereby only increasing turnout.

The Constitution Amendments, as well as the defense of the Yeltsin constitution, will not fundamentally change the lives of workers. Only a struggle for one’s rights, the creation of militant unions and real participation in the political life of the country can really change life, not waiting for the next elections under the rule of big capital.