Market rules: medical masks disappeared from pharmacies

The price of one mask is a thousand times higher than its value

For several weeks now, buyers have been besieging Moscow pharmacies in order to buy medical masks to protect against the raging COVID-2019. However, there are no masks, and even the liberal Novaya Gazeta quotes interlocutors who claim that it is necessary to introduce “temporary state administration for production and distribution” … Why can’t you find protection against the virus in the country?

Medical masks disappeared from drugstores due to speculators
Medical masks disappeared from drugstores due to speculators

Yula and Avito services started blocking announcements of speculators on the sale of medical masks. This is not surprising as sellers have the conscience to sell masks at unbelievable prices. So, on March 17, the seller Fedor Glazunov proposed to buy from him 10 thousand masks for 450 thousand rubles. In addition to masks, on Avito and Yula websites, advertisements for selling home tests for coronavirus and amulets to protect against it are common.

Today, Metodichka telegram channel, citing large pharmacy chains, explained that masks remain in the wholesale warehouses since the sale price is extremely high — 4-5 thousand rubles per pack of 50 masks.

Pharmacy holdings refuse to buy masks at a price of a dollar apiece because then the retail price for one mask turns out to over 100 rubles, after extra charges and taxes. Selling at a speculative price may cause suspicion of supervisory authorities — as a result, pharmacies refuse to provide citizens with necessary protective equipment.

Ultimately, masks are not available not only in pharmacies, but also among pharmacists, who, according to internal regulations, must use them.

Even if in liberal sources they put forward versions about the need for state regulation, the affairs of the global market are very bad. We already wrote about the economic disaster declared by the United States — the market is not coping there either.

Perhaps the time of market economy is about to finish?