Mishustin and Large-scale Capital: the First Steps Together

The turnover of officials changes nothing

The first steps of the new Russian Prime Minister, Mikhail Mishustin, confirm the version that he was put forward mainly to provide new preferences for the large capital. At a meeting with parliamentarians, he stated the need to “remove barriers for business” and explained that “in Russia there are no wealthy people to collect the tax on the rich from”. 

Мишустин и думцы

Yesterday a meeting was held between the new Prime Minister and the Duma faction representatives. The most illustrative dialogue occured with the “official communists”. The Communist Party deputies proposed Mishustin to introduce a progressive taxation scale. The Prime Minister openly said:

“There is no middle class in the country, there’s no one to apply progressive taxation to, and the issue of the rich and the super-rich must be addressed differently: they have to show greater transparency and greater responsibility”.

It wasn’t explained, though, what “transparency” and “responsibility” mean in this context. At the same time, Mishustin resolutely rejected the possibility of making any tax breaks for the poor. Individual income tax will not be revised, either. It is also not surprising that Mishustin opposed the nationalization of the mining industry.

The position of the Prime Minister on the pension reform is equally unambiguous: “It seems to me that it’s better not to touch the pension reform issue at this point”.

The uncompromising position of Mishustin and his commitment to the interests of the big capital are approved by the oligarchs and their servants. Margarita Simonyan, editor-in-chief of “Russia Today” news agency, noted quite concisely on Twitter:

“There isn’t a single person in the sidelines of the government who wouldn’t be happy with Mishustin’s appointment. Such support is unprecedented».

Thus, with his first steps, Mishustin lucidly confirmed his strong intention to serve the big capital

In April 1917 Vladimir Lenin wrote in “Pravda” newspaper:

«The matter is in the class, not in the faces … No turnover of officials can change anything until the class in power is replaced».

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