Moscow school premises transferred to elite educational institution

The creeping segregation

Part of the premises of school No. 324 with the beautiful name «Firebird» is being transferred to an elite educational institution — school No. 1329, located in a completely different area of Moscow. Detailed material on this topic is published on the website of RIA FederalPress. The official reason for the transfer of the premises is the school’s lack of money for repairs.

School 324 premises
School 324 premises

Currently, school No. 324 is overcrowded. Instead of the planned 550 students, 700 students attend it. Ten years ago, to solve the issue of the overcrowding, the Moscow authorities decided to transfer to this educational institution a number of premises of the neighboring school No. 256. It was also planned to allocate budget funds for the overhaul of the transferred facilities. But it never came to repair. As a result, officials proposed the new director A. Bespalov to repair the premises at the expense of the school itself, which did not have the means or staff for this.

The “hosting party”, school No. 1329, provides paid educational services. The cost of additional programs goes up to 80,000 rubles a year. Accordingly, there actually is money for the repairs. But children from ordinary families with medium and low incomes, for obvious reasons, cannot attend this school.

Local residents and parents of students of school No. 324 are afraid that after the transfer of the partial premises to the elite school, their educational institution will be liquidated. It will simply join the structure of school No. 1329. More than 50 appeals have been written to the President, State Duma deputies, Moscow Mayor S. Sobyanin with a request to create a commission under the supervision of the Moscow government to return the premises to school No. 324, preserve the preschool department for children, complete the repairs and build an extension building.

But do not seriously expect that these requests will be heard. Indeed, with all the abundance of budget money in Moscow, it is spent mainly on various «good tourist image» projects in the field of leisure and entertainment, the construction of churches and various anti-Soviet ideas, such as the Gulag History Museum.

Thus we see how free public schools are gradually leaving Moscow and the number of private elite schools is growing. This is understandable. The number of “citizens with an income above the average” provides fertile ground for expanding the market for paid educational services — and the Moscow authorities in every way indulge this because the slow but steady offensive of paid education on the public education is in full compliance with the plans of the ruling class to separate their offspring from children of those «who do not fit into the market.»

Capitalism is not about “equal starting conditions”. Capitalism is about the rich and the poor. The bourgeois state will give the proletariat exactly as much as it needs to reproduce the labor force that future generations of capitalists will profit from. No appeals to the President and State Duma deputies can drastically change this situation.