Moscow specialists did not fit into the market and became couriers

Unemployed people are trying to feed families any way they can

Demand for delivery jobs in Moscow has risen sharply, according to information from the service. Resume lists are replenished by people who have lost their jobs because of the quarantine. In the field of courier delivery, not only supply is growing, but also demand is growing — hundreds of people are hired by food delivery companies, Kommersant summarizes.

Tired delivery employees waiting for new orders
Tired delivery employees waiting for new orders

The number of couriers’ new resumes, according to «», has grown by 29% over the past month. Significantly more than half of these people — 65% — are located in Moscow. For the analysis the service used the data of 10 thousand resumes and 7.6 thousand vacancies for work as a courier.

The demand for new couriers in Moscow for the month rose sharply — by 17.5%. Moreover, in Russia as a whole, the number of vacancies grew by only 1.4%, which means the increase in interest in courier jobs can only be seen in Moscow region.

“The desire of the applicants to earn money in the current situation is understandable, although the work of the courier has never been simple,” said Alexander Veterkov, deputy director general of

The economic crisis caused a wave of reductions in the country. 29% of Russian companies have already cut the staff, 40% are going to do it in the near future. Market laws are creating a large army of unemployed people fighting for the opportunity to earn money in any field and in any position they can. It is difficult to say that those who have so far kept their jobs are lucky. 20% of companies intend to reduce their employees’ salaries.

Social contradictions are sharpening, small and medium-sized businesses are dying in agony. Despite the support of the state, big business is irresistibly losing profits. The growth of the dollar inevitably leads to higher prices, which also means it leads to the continuation of the impoverishment of the Russian majority.

A construction worker or an engineer, a waiter or a chef — we are all united in the face of the impending economic disaster. Our problems are caused by the market volatility against global challenges. The only solution is a harsh manifestation of our position to those who gave birth and supported this global market mess.