Patriarch Kirill suggested to look at coronavirus as “God’s mercy”

War is peace, freedom is slavery

Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill, after Sunday services in the church of St. Igor Chernigov in Peredelkino, Moscow Region, said that the coronavirus could show the fragility of the human civilization and direct people to the path of faith.

Patriarch Kirill
Patriarch Kirill

“The Lord calls on our overly confident technological society, where people are sure anything is accessible and possible, to evaluate its capabilities and realize the fragility of this civilization … so that we, without losing spiritual optimism, understand that everybody needs God. These circumstances should strengthen us in our faith so that doubters become believers”, the patriarch said.

Such statements by the patriarch clearly demonstrate the attitude of the church to the suffering of people — «The worse, the better.» At all times when trouble came, people grabbed at every opportunity to stop or at least alleviate suffering, and religion was the main assistant in this matter. It functioned as an anesthetic, as opium that helps people to endure hardship, pain and deprivation, but it did not consider them to be a blessing. Now, church officials sincerely rejoice in catastrophes and cataclysms, which provide fertile ground for strengthening the religion in the minds of people, which is turning from an anesthetic into a drug that subjugates the people’s will.

The only thing that you can agree with the patriarch on is that the virus demonstrates the fragility of our civilization — the capitalist civilization. The «optimization» of health care in most countries of the world has borne fruit — capitalist governments cannot stop the epidemic in any way, demonstrating to people their weakness and inefficiency. The rich only care about their own fate, leaving others to die, and now this common truth is becoming obvious to everyone.