Pension Fund has created technology that will force people to retire later

Another step towards the abolition of pensions

The Pension Fund of Russia has developed a system for sending official notifications on the amount of pension savings. According to experts, such a system can make Russians work longer: now citizens will see the number of points in their retirement account and, if they are not enough, they will have to work extra years to achieve the required number of points.

"We are busy reforming the Fund!"
«We are busy reforming the Fund!»

The notification system itself, of course, does not automatically raise the retirement age. However, if we consider it in conjunction with a point system for calculating old-age pensions, which implies the need for a certain number of points to receive an old-age pension, then the case turns out just in this way. The whole trick of the innovation with points is that now it will be possible to gradually increase the number of points needed for an old-age pension and, thus, gradually and quietly increase the retirement age.

The Russian authorities have embarked on the complete abolition of pensions, as all these maneuvers with the calculation of pensions indicate. Raising the retirement age was the first step towards this terrible goal, to the next robbery of tens of millions of workers. The next increase in the retirement age can show effect earlier than the ongoing pension reform. It is possible that the final abolition of pensions will occur much earlier than it is expected now.

The only way out for workers now can only be an organized collective struggle for their interests. It should start with the struggle in the workplace environment and move to the national level. Starting with economic demands, it should not end with them, but should move on to political ones. Only in this way can people defend their rights and interests.