Putin says Russia “has fulfilled the plan for revolutions”

The President’s wishful thinking

During a discussion of constitutional amendments in the State Duma, Russian President Putin said that Russia needed evolutionary development. As the President said: “We have already had enough revolutions. Russia has fulfilled its plan for revolutions”.

Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin

The President of Russia is not the only one who thinks so. Quite a long time ago this idea was expressed by Gennady Zyuganov, chairman of the Communist Party. This is the quintessence of all bourgeois ideology and politics, which the president actually announced. However, despite the fact that “They” have had enough revolutions, it will not be able to change the course of history, the objective laws of the development of society. The revolution cannot be stopped or prevented by a stroke of the pen.

At the same time, of course, one should not think that the Russian authorities are illiterate and do not understand what they are talking about. Indeed, for the revolution to take place, it is necessary not only to have an objective factor — the formation of a revolutionary situation in the country, but also a subjective one — the ability of the masses to revolutionary actions, the presence of a strong revolutionary party of the working class, the communist party.

All the efforts of the bourgeois state machine are aimed at eliminating this factor, which is why the Constitution is changing, laws are being tightened, the police regime is getting tougher and harder in the country, for this reason the masses are getting fooled in every possible way, clericalism and religiosity are being instilled. Having eliminated the subjective factor, the authorities expect to continue to rob the working people, while intensifying exploitation.

Under these conditions, workers need to raise their educational level, create class organizations, increase solidarity, and defend their interests more consistently and decisively.