Russia will stay secular, but with God in the Constitution

The ruling circles yet again recognized the benefits of having God

Russia will not abandon the principles of a secular state, despite the inclusion of a mention of God in the Constitution. This statement was made on Thursday, March 5, by the co-chair of the working group on preparing proposals for the amendments to the Constitution, the Head of the Federation Council Committee on Constitutional Legislation and State Building Andrey Klishas, TASS reports.

Andrey Klishas
Andrey Klishas

“A secular state is enshrined precisely in the unchanging chapters of the Constitution. This applies both to the principle of a secular state and to the statement that citizens of the Russian Federation have the right to profess any religion or not to profess any. When we talk about the mention of God in the text of the amendments, it says that the ancestors passed on to us the ideals of faith in God — this does not mean that Russia refuses the principle of a secular state,” Klishas said during a press conference.

He spoke about the meeting with the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Cyril, who made it clear that “he considers [the principle of a secular state — ROT FRONT] one of the most important constitutional values. ”

“I am sure that no Church or faith in the country would like to abandon this principle,” said the senator.

The State Duma Committee on State Building and Legislation has already expressed its recommendations regarding the Constitution amendments with reference to God.

“The Russian Federation, united by a thousand-year history, preserving the memory of the ancestors who passed on to us the ideals and faith in God, as well as the continuity in the development of the Russian state, recognizes the historically established state unity”, this is the mention of God in the new edition of the basic law.

Earlier, presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov noted that Russia remains a secular state, despite the proposals to include a mention of God in the text of the Constitution.

After months of observation and discussion, it becomes clear that God will definitely appear in the text of the Constitution of Russia, and today the government is engaged in substantiating this already adopted decision.

The basic ancient question here is «cui prodest»? — who benefits?

The benefit may lie both in the domestic and international agenda. So, the business of the Russian Orthodox Church can share with the treasury the money earned from the parishioners, because the appearance of God in the Constitution is a good reason for an ordinary Russian to visit the nearest church.

Consolidation is the second reason. In the context of the emerging political crisis, spiritual bonds can be very handy — as long as Russian people think about God, the ruling elites will be able to rationally share power and avoid popular anger.

The face of the Russian spirituality
The face of the Russian spirituality

The emphasis on spirituality on the international agenda is the third reason. The cultural capture of developing countries by the main and largest representative of the Orthodox religion can strengthen the position of the Russian bourgeoisie in the international arena.

In general, the mention of God this time does not bring any new difficulties to the Russians, however, it helps the «national» big capital in the matter of retaining power and strengthening its position among foreign colleagues to oppress peoples.