Russian producers asked to temporarily ban tomato imports

«National» capital is trying to save its profits

The National Union of Fruit and Vegetable Producers (Fruit and Vegetable Union) sent a letter to the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation with a request to temporarily ban the import of tomatoes into Russia, Kommersant reports. According to the businesspeople, this will help them avoid losses due to the extension of the lockdown and the weakening of the ruble.

The ban on vegetable import
The ban on vegetable import

“We ask to introduce a temporary ban for a period of two months on the supply of tomatoes to the Russian Federation from the indicated countries (Azerbaijan, Morocco, Turkey, China. — “Kommersant ”) in order to prevent the deterioration of the situation on the greenhouse vegetables market,” the appeal says.

According to the union, in 2019 the share of imported tomatoes in the total market amounted to 52%. The industry union believes that imported products, along with a drop in demand due to the lockdown, puts additional pressure on the wholesale price of tomato, and a further decrease may lead to bankruptcy of existing enterprises.

“Of course, it is possible to survive without the proposed measures, but domestic producers are losing profits due to the fact that the cost of imported tomatoes, as well as their quality, is lower than Russian ones,” said Larisa Erina, Director of Sales at the Eco-Culture Agribusiness Holding.

The collapse of the ruble, it would seem, should increase the competitiveness of Russian industrialists in the domestic market. And our common misfortune — coronavirus — should have stimulated «socially responsible businesses» (they even suggested mentioning the role of these businesses in the Constitution) to lower food prices. But all this exists only in the theory about the «good capitalism”.

But in practice, the «nationally-oriented capital» once again showed its true face. In the situation where the population is experiencing serious solvency problems and people keep losing their jobs, the owners of agricultural enterprises, along with nice words about caring for the population, urge the authorities to take measures to prevent the reduction of food prices.

Also, earlier our “wonderful” agricultural producers already supported the destruction of “sanctioned products” that could be distributed to those in need.

The destruction of sacntioned products
The destruction of sacntioned products

Capitalists, no matter how «nationally oriented» they are, will always worry only for their profits.

The most effective way to cope with situations like the COVID-19 pandemic is only the planned socialist economy. The economy that is aimed at the maximum satisfaction of the needs of the whole society, and not a narrow circle of capitalists; the economy where no one can personally enrich themselves on the problems of society.