State Council group proposed abolition of liability for non-payment of wages

Back to the 90s

The working group of the State Council, chaired by Alexei Dyumin — the governor of Tula region — has prepared proposals for the partial decriminalization of economic crimes. Among the proposals is the abolition of criminal liability for non-payment of salaries, as provided for in article 145.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. The abolition or mitigation of punishment for some other types of economic crimes is also provided. The proposals of the working group are based on requests of entrepreneurs.

"Death to workers!"
«Death to workers!»

The obvious slide of power to the right was manifested not only in the tightening of legislation, not only in the nullification of Putin’s presidential terms, but also in the next easing of legislation for business. Once again, we see whose interests in practice are expressed by modern Russian authorities, from bottom to top. It expresses the interests of the capitalist class. Obviously, the tightening of the labor code for employees and the adoption of other measures, aimed at protecting the interests of business, will follow.

It is for the adoption of such measures that the regime is being tightened. Otherwise, it will be impossible to continue to carry out unpopular laws against the workers.

Under these conditions, the workers have no choice but actively fight for their interests. If earlier non-payment of wages was a situation for instituting a criminal case, then with the change of legislation, workers themselves will have to seek the payment of what they have earned. This is only possible if the workers are organized and have their own class unions.