Sverdlovsk region authorities will reduce taxes for business

Helping the poor capitalists

Deputies of the Legislative Assembly of Sverdlovsk region are planning to hold an extraordinary meeting on a bill on measures to support business affected by the pandemic. According to some reports, the bill will include a reduction in a number of taxes for enterprises, as well as the allocation of subsidies.

"Poor" capitalist
«Poor» capitalist

Thus, the Russian authorities provide significant financial support to businesses suffering losses from the coronavirus. At the same time, measures to help citizens are still under consideration, not yet introduced. In addition, the level of this assistance is much lower: unemployment benefits will be increased to the minimum wage, as well as the minimum level of sick leave. In general, this is all the help from the authorities to the working people that can be expected. There are no government plans on lowering the rates of consumer and mortgage loans, lowering the cost of housing and communal services, public transport and other expenses.

At the same time, the main losses from the epidemic will be suffered by the working people, since it will be they who will be reduced or not paid wages, they will lose their jobs. It is workers who are fighting the epidemic at risk, not business.

On this example, we once again see what class power in Russia actually belongs to. Bourgeois propagandists like to talk about the common good, that power belongs to the people, and so on, denying the class nature of our society. However, every time when it comes to the distribution of money, to profits, we clearly see this division into classes. Now we see that measures to help business are provided quickly — and these measures are specific and effective. When it comes to helping workers, we see how fairly simple issues have been resolved over the years, how legislators and officials distort even quite rational, seemingly sound ideas.