The spontaneous strike of workers on Russky Island continues

The event attracted the attention of the Investigative Committee and Rostrud (Federal Service for Labor and Employment)

On the construction site of the museum and theater complex on Russky Island in Primorye, a spontaneous strike of workers continues. The builders say that they have not been paid for a long time and were also refused to provide personal protective equipment, while creating “terrible working conditions” for workers. The workers announced that they will “fight to the last,” the local PrimaMedia resource reports.

The strike on Russky Island
The strike on Russky Island

“Nothing has changed, now there are very few people at the construction site, no one is working. I called the guys to send reporters to the construction site, but they say that there were very few people. Only Kyrgyz and Uzbeks are working — they are subcontracts. Yesterday we were told that we won’t get anything: “You haven’t been paid the bonus part, and under the contract, bonuses are paid at the discretion of the employer. You are illegal here”.

We keep insisting on what is ours and are staying at this work. For some people, the promised salary was approximately 110-120 thousand rubles, and 40-60 thousand were in fact paid. I had eight working days, instead of 32 thousand I recieved 22 thousand, a difference of 10 thousand. We have people from all over Russia here — from Buryatia, Kurgan region, Tyumen region, Bashkiria, Rostov”, a worker Konstantin told the reporters of the news resource.

The spontaneous strike

Most builders, according to the strikers, do not have an employment contract and do not understand the payroll scheme.

We intend to stand and wait for a solution to the problem,” the builder explained.

The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation for Primorye and Rostrud organized an audit against the employer, Stroytransgaz-Vostok LLC, for compliance with the law.

At the moment, the state authorities set the amount and term of arrears on the workers’ salaries. The necessary documents have been removed from the administration of Stroytransgaz-Vostok LLC, and witnesses are being interviewed.

The lunch hall for the workers is filthy and cold
The lunch hall for the workers is filthy and cold

The labor struggle is becoming more active. At the end of 2019, the stokers in Sverdlovsk region stopped their work, refused to endure unbearable working conditions that threaten the health of one and a half thousand people. In early January 2020, Yekaterinburg ambulance drivers spoke their word while fighting for signing of a collective agreement.

Russky Island. The workers are not getting back to work because of the "horrible work conditions"
Russky Island. The workers are not getting back to work because of the «horrible work conditions»

In early March, workers at the Ural plant in Miass went on a picket against a new “rolling” work schedule, being afraid to declare a strike. The employer «awarded» the employees with complete disregard for their situation.

Many workers are afraid of strikes and rallies, pickets and even talks in the smoking room. But Russian workers have long proved that they deserve decent wages and working conditions and that they can effectively fight for their rights. You can, too.