Waste management workers go on strike

«Effective» capitalism

Pentacomo Waste Disposal Workers (Cyprus) have declared and indefinite strike. This is stated in a joint statement by trade unions representing workers.

The reason for the strike was the company’s inability to pay salaries to the employees last month, including various insurance premiums. According to the workers, this is not the first case of wage arrears.

The waste management worker strike on Cyprus
The waste management worker strike on Cyprus

The union also noted that the delay in wages is connected, first of all, with the fact that the Department of Water Management, which maintains the garbage collection, did not allocate money for the salaries of workers.

In connection with the growing crisis of capitalism, such cases occur in capitalist countries, regardless of their economic development, more and more often. That is because the capitalist, in order to maintain profits, will primarily reduce labor costs. However, such measures are forcing workers to strike more and more often, for example, in the United States in 2019, the largest number of strikes was recorded over the past 30 years. Thus, the crisis of the capitalist system itself leads to the inevitable uprising of workers against the dictatorship of monopolies and their conversion to the benefit of the whole society.