When the metro will continue to develop in Novosibirsk

Only what is beneficial to the capitalists is developing

Novosibirsk residents have been yet again disappointed with false promises. As was previously reported by the head of the Department of Construction and Architecture of the Novosibirsk Mayor’s Office, Alexei Kondratyev, in addition to the Sportivnaya station (it is being built for the youth hockey world championship in 2023), six more new metro stations are to be constructed in the General Plan of Novosibirsk by 2030.

Novosibirsk Metropoliten
Novosibirsk Metropoliten

Such promises are not uncommon for Novosibirsk in the run-up to the election (City Mayoral Elections 2019). After all, the situation with passenger public transport in the city is getting worse every year. Due to the constant population growth, the number of cars is growing, too (in 2019, this figure amounted to more than 450 thousand for 1.6 million people). At the same time, public transport in the city practically is not being developed, bus fare has increased, and in the winter months the situation on the roads is aggravated by poor snow removal.

Recently it became known that the extension of metro lines in Novosibirsk is not relevant due to the lack of funds for these purposes in budgets of all levels. Simply put, the metro in Novosibirsk is unprofitable.

How was metro built under the Soviet regime? The start date for the construction of the metro in Novosibirsk is considered to be May 12, 1979, and five years later, on December 28, 1985, the Novosibirsk metro was commissioned by the State Commission. For some 15 years, the entire metro was built (except for one station — Zolotaya Niva).

It is easy to understand when and under what system the country developed for people, and when it functions only for enrichment of particular persons. In the USSR, public transport developed for the convenience of citizens. Today, under capitalism, everything is done only to please the capitalists.