WHO: amulets and prayers will not protect against coronavirus

Citizens may stop believing in some tricks of the Russian Orthodox Church

The World Health Organization (WHO) has called on the mankind not to rely on prayers and amulets in their attempts to defend themselves against the coronavirus COVID-2019. On January 29, the WHO spokesman Tarik Yazarevich said this in a conversation with reporters from RIA Novosti.

A protection charm
A protection charm

For more than a month now, Russians have been fighting the coronavirus with amulets and prayers. So, on an advert website there was a message about the sale of an amulet against the virus for 1.6 million rubles, which can heat up in case of danger.

Traders of charms against the coronavirus were also seen in Omsk and Tyumen.

The Russian Orthodox Church opposed such a method of combating COVID-2019 — this was stated in the Smolensk diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Protection talisman against the coronavirus
Protection talisman against the coronavirus

However, the Church supports targeted prayers for salvation from the deadly virus. At the end of January in Moscow, such an event took place in the Church of St. Nicholas in Golutvin, where the courtyard of the Chinese Autonomous Orthodox Church is also located.

Also, the Russian Orthodox Church does not support the intention of other countries’ governments to protect their citizens from the coronavirus by closing Orthodox churches. The church called not to obey the orders of the local “godless” authorities.

«The plague stopped from the fact that people began to receive communion!”, said the head of the patriarchal commission for family affairs, Archpriest Dimitry Smirnov, describing the situation as “the beginning of the end”.

The archpriest invited Italian citizens to go on a riot for the sake of worship:

“It is a good chance to check whether this community is ready to suffer for the sake of the Lord, at least in something small. It is not like there will be executions!” Smirnov concluded.

It looks like we know what organization has done the most to spread the COVID-2019 epidemic.